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Our PZS3000 and RPB7

Author: ruishen    Time: 2016/12/27

Our PZS3000 and RPB7 both can be applied for shotcreting the wet concrete (the mixture of cement, sand, stone with max. size 15mm and water). 

Our PZS3000 is a pneumatic conveying unit. It needs the compressed air not only to blow the wet concrete out of the nozzle to the sprayed surface, but also to convey the wet concrete from the hopper to the nozzle. Without the compressed air, the PZS3000 can neither convey nor spray. Limited by the pressure of the compressed air, the max. horizontal conveying distance of our PZS3000 is 35m. 

Our RPB7 is a pump type conveying unit. Its own pumping system can complete the conveying of the wet concrete from the hopper to the nozzle. The compressed air only plays a role in accelerating the shotcreting. Without the compressed air, the RPB7 can do the pumping job to convey the wet concrete. The max. horizontal distance of our RPB7 is 120m.  

Please you choose our PZS3000 or RPB7 according to your request.

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